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EP#34 - The Word Busy Distracts You From Achieving Your Desires

In society today, I am noticing more and more people state how busy they are. Moms, Dads, Entrepreneurs, Students and more. This word has repleaced what we used to say, "good." But, what happens when we truly state the word busy? What are you stating to the Universe? How does this increase more overwhelm, anxiety, anxiousness, burn out and more?

Words are the fabric to our reality and one of the best ways to enhance your experience in this life by changing your vocabulary. Change the words you use, the words you focus on and BOOM! You will slowly start to notice a different experience.

Tune in as I dive into what words have a higher vibrational meaning and how it attracts more of what you desire rather than continuing to be "busy" and only continuing to attract more things into your life that will continue for you to continue state the word, "busy." Remember, the Universe is always working for YOU. What you state is its command.


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