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EP#28 - Mastering the Language of the Universe = Mastering Your Life

Everything in the entire Universe and multi-verses utilizing communication. They have their own systems, procedures and language that allows for us to communicate with one another. Just as humans communicate via words and language, our spiritual form uses energy or tone. In the entire universe, this is how it communicates. As a human, we can tap into this communication system and once we master this language, we are able to master our lives. We start to understand what tonal is and how tonal works in this world, this universe and more. Plants, animals, insects, aware humans and more utilize tonal to communicate. We have used tonal communication before without even knowing it. We call it a "gut feeling" or intuition.

Science can even prove how this "gut feeling" actually creates a physiological response within the body and affects the body to have you become aware of something.

Tune in as we discuss Chapter 8 of my new book, "Rediscover Your Greatness: A Guide to an INSPIRED and FULFILLED Life," and tap into learning or becoming more accustomed to a new language that will help you experience the master designer/creator that you are!

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