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EP#18 - The Ultimate Secret of Sins

When I was growing up, I was always told, I am a sinner and always will be a sinner. The moment I was born, I was born into this world with original sin and a sinner is what I would alway be.

Talk about being dealt a deck of cards you cannot change.

As I became older and wiser, I started to challenge these concepts and see if humanity or the religion I was brough up in, missed the mark on something. What if it is not what we were always told and it was sometheing different. What would that mean to my life? Do I have more control? What if the whole definition of the word, "Sin or Sinner," was changed, would my experience change? Would the experience of others change?

As I continued to ask the questions, more and more answers came. In this podcast, I will share with you what truly does SIN mean and what does it mean in your life and how you create sin but doesn't mean, its permanent. It doesn't mean it will always be there. It will have a different light put onto things and help inspire you to refocus, course correct and achieve and actualize the life you desire to experience!

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