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EP#17 - Excuses Smackdown

In life, someway shape or form, you have made excuses. We all have. It is something that is inevitable. An excuse can and may always exist, but what do they do to your life? Your dreams? Your goals? Your joy? Your happiness? Your bliss?

Excuses are truly a distraction, a momentum killer, of you creating and enjoying an aw-inspired life. It is the momentum killer of achieing your dreams and goals. It is a momentum killer of your happiness, joy and bliss.

When you are not moving in one direction and reinforcing that, you are slowly reinforcing another. Life is always constantly changing and an excuse, is what truly blocks all the things you desire to be in your reality.

We will discuss how to catch excuses and how to stop creating them so you can truly live to your potential. You can truly live a more inspired and fulfilled life! Check out more by listening to this episode!

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