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EP#16 - The Single Most Important Thing to Know About Resistance

In life, you are either on the path towards LEAST resistance or MOST resistance. BUt how do you know which one you are on? What does resistance mean? What does it feel like? What tools or systems can one utilize to be more on the path towards Least resistance vs Most resistance?

The truth is, the path towards least resistance is the path that allows for you to achieve your TRUE bliss, joy, happiness, achieving your dreams and so much more. It is that path that truly is IN FLOW and appreciating all of what life has to offer.

The path towards MOST resistance is the opposite. This is where all your frustration, anger, jealously, shame, guilt, resentment and so forth exists. This is the lower end of the spectrum when it comse to those emotions.

In this episode we will discuss both of these concepts and how you can start to live more on the path towards LEAST resistance so you experience more joy and bliss in your life and truly discover your infinite possibilities!

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