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EP#12 - Perspectives of Life

Why is it when the same event happens to two people, why do they have different stories? Affect differently? It is all based upon the perspective of how you are taking in the event. In life, regardless the person, event, circumstance, etc., it is just that. The meaning you put upon it will be based upon the perspective of where you are standing. How you are viewing it and focusing on. If you stay in your perspective, you feel that you are right. And by all means, you are based upon your perspective. But, what if there were other perspectives?

For example, some people believe the world is flat while others believe its round. Based upon different perspectives, they are both right. If we go into outer space and go a few 1,000 miles away from earth, we can see how it is a globe. It is a sphere and it is round. But, what if we took that perspective from 1,000 miles to the moon? What does the earth look like from the moon? It can show an appearance of being flat.

Everything in life is perspective and the more you focus on looking at different vantage points, different perspectives and choosing the one that suits you best, now you start to empower your reality.

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