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Instant Gratification is the Killer of Dreams

Truth be told, instant gratification is almost impossible to achieve. Yes, if you are hungry, you can eat something and be instantly gratified. But when we look at things about life, nature and so forth, it doesn't exist.

For example, if you want to be a millionaire, can you just wake up tomorrow do one thing and boom! You are a millionaire?

How about health? Can you workout one day and have the perfect body you desire? How about eat healthy one time and be slim and vibrant? Or, how about receive one adjustment and your body should be healed and functioning better?

It doesn't happen and neither does it for any arena of life. It takes time, conditioning, programming and establishing the connection of what it is you desire to achieve. Everything in life takes time and it always will, as long as you live within a time/space continuum.

Remember, the journey to 10,000 miles starts with one step and the more consistent you are with taking a step each day, the faster you will achieve your results...

Dr. Vic

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