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Careful With Your Stories

The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we share, are what create our experience. When you believe in a story and make it good or bad, whatever way you look at it and express it, it shall be for you. For that, the Universe will only respond to what story you are sharing.

If you believe the world is a very dangerous place, what will you see? What will you experience? What will you hear?

What if the opposite view occurs? What would you see? What would you experience? What would you hear?

It will be the same exact thing that happens but your story and perspective you put on it, will change your view and experience of it.

Look at your life and witness the stories you constantly state to yourself. The things that come easy or you are successful in is based upon the stories you constantly tell yourself and believe i. The things that are hard, tough, are the stories you are telling yourself and/or others and that is your experience.

At the end of the day, you are the story teller and what story you believe in, give life to, becomes an experience of your reality.

Want to change your life/experience? Start by changing your story!

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