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How to Be A Millionaire

Growing up, I always remembered hearing, if I just had a million dollars, how my life would be different? Imagine if we had a million dollars, how much life would be easy and so much more. In the business world, many entrepreneurs want to become a millionaire, including myself. And when I started on this journey, I came from a very strong, hard working ethnic background so I figured, just trade a bunch of my time and eventually it will happen.

But like in my upcoming book, I realized that I was fighting an uphill battle that if I was lucky enough, and not be burnt out and exhausted before getting to the top, I would achieve this goal. What life taught me was something completely opposite. In order to become a millionaire, don't focus on the external object which is the money. Instead, focus on the journey of who do you have to become in order to achieve this goal. Enjoy the process. The lessons that come your way that will mold you into the person who has the mindset. Once this happens, it is inevitable for you to not achieve the riches you desire.

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