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Universal Law on Effort

As stated in the four Laws of Creation, "What you put out is what you get back."

As the Law of Attraction/Vibration/Manifestation states, "like attracts like." You can never attract something in your life that you are not vibrating at the same level with.

In order to achieve a desired result, you need to be vibrating at that frequency.

In order to understand this at a deeper level, let's use a radio as an example.

You are getting in your car and once you turn it on, you are in the mood for country music. So, in order to receive the music from the radio station of your desire, you have to change the tuner to TUNE IN to the station that is playing country music.

Once you continue to change the tuner to the station that plays the country music, now you are connected and tuned into that frequency which allows for you to listen to country music. Here in Chicago, that station is 99.5 FM.

Now, in order for you to have listened to the country music, your car radio had to tune into 99.5 FM frequencies in order to receive only that frequency.

This is exactly how we work on a vibrational level. In order to achieve any result in life, we must tune into that frequency or else, we will never attracted into our lives.

Effort is one of the things that plays a huge role in achieving the desired results in your life. If you don't put the effort in, how will you ever change your frequency to manifest the results you desire?

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