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Mindfulness for the Holidays

As we are almost a week away from Thanksgiving, the hustle, bustle, and go go go lifestyle is about to begin. From marketing and tempting us with Black Friday sales, to last minute Holiday gifts to spending time with family that you may not desire to.

Regardless if you experience one of these things or none of these, the holidays for some reason, bring a level of stress we are not used to experiencing.

But the thing is, you do not have to experience any of it. The truth is, you control how you want to react to any and all things in life. But, there is a catch...

The more imbalanced and noisy the mind is, the less control you have. You end up being more impulsive, reactive and just plain old stressed out. But, this is where the tools of mindfulness can come in and truly keep you as centered and balance as possible.

Mindfulness truly is a concept that helps you stay in the present moment. Your true power resides within the present moment and all things happen in the present moment. When you become stressed out, worry, fear, etc., you are not in the present moment. You are either focused on the future or focused on the past.

So, I wanted to share with you an opportunity to learn how you can utilize mindfulness in your life every single day. I want to share with you the opportunity to where you can feel in control and not feel like you don't have enough time in the day or the sense of not being able to relax.

A mind that is imbalanced causes havoc on our health, our body and our minds. But this can all change.

Empower Your Reality has released its 5 week online program called, "Mindfulness on the Holiday Tour." What this program is designed to teach you, implement and create your formula to help you develop a practice of mindfulness.

For more information on our 5 week program, click here.

Remember, life is not about what happens to you but how you respond to life that is essential. Through mindfulness, you can bring the best version of you every single day to every single situation of your life. How will that transform your life? Would it transform your life for the better?

The special offer for the program ends on Nov. 20th. Make sure to RSVP before hand.

Dr. Vic

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