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What Other Business Owners Have Experienced

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"I went from being BURNT OUT, feeling LOST and one of the MANY fish in the huge sea to feeling SELF-EMPOWERED.


Coaching with Dr. Vic has helped me find my CREATIVITY again and become  LESS IRRITABLE and MORE CENTERED.  Not only is it helping me as an entrepreneur, but as an individual and parent who wants to cultivate HEALTHY relationships.  The tools that Dr. Vic gave me will be ones that I use for the REST OF MY LIFE.


Carly O.

Dr. Vic has an AMAZING ability to help you have a SOLID mindset to gain CLARITY in all aspects of life, NOT just in business.  People don't realize how important one's MINDSET is and how it plays a role in our lives and Dr. Vic truly has that part dialed in to HELP YOU.


Steph H.

Since working with Dr. Vic, I saw a 165% GROWTH  in sales in just 6 months and the beautiful part is, we didn't do anything NEW or any marketing strategies for the business.  We just focused on my mindset, limiting beliefs, subconscious mind, and where I put my energy and focus.


Amanda S.

With one phone call with Dr. Vic, I INCREASED my profits by 138% MONTHLY and continued to MAINTAIN that growth monthly throughout the year!

Paty M.

Since coaching with Dr. Vic, I have seen in my own business a 207% GROWTH in sales in just 7 MONTHS.


Mike L.

I recently started my own Chiropractic business and have sought his advice and expertise the time he has saved me plus the increase in profits is awesome!

If you are looking to create prosperity in, not only your business but every aspect of your life, Dr. Vic is the man to coach with to help you achieve your dreams.

Hong L.

Ready to Create The Success You Were Designed for ?

Who is Dr. Vic?

Dr. Vic is an International Business Success Coach, Founder of the Billionaire’s Success Formula, Chiropractor, 3x Author, Podcaster and Speaker.


He is the author of 3 books, the most recent, "Decoding The Matrix," which came out in May 2022.


Dr. Vic is the founder of the Billionaire’s Success Formula which he stumbled upon after an accumulation of 15 years of experience while studying quantum physics, neuroscience, universal laws, consciousness, mindset, subconscious mind, limiting beliefs, reframing one’s mind, neurolinguistic programming, self-hypnosis, and behavioral neurology.

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