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Why This Program?

I have been down the path and road to filter out all the information, tested out research, listened to the experts, and have hit many roadblocks.
In my journey, I had many successes and failures.  I would admit, more failures than successes BUT, I wouldn't be an expert in this area if I didn't go through it.
In these 8 weeks, I share with you a simple strategy that you can follow, so simple, it seems too easy.
I have always been a guy of science and looking at the research.  I don't like to guess or hope, but instead, know and test.
I will be sharing, in the 8 weeks, how you can test to see, how to maximize your exercise with a simple, low cost, or even FREE tech.  I will be sharing how to follow a process of eating, rather than typically following a diet.
I will share how to drastically minimize inflammation, improve brain health, heart health, increase growth hormone and help you truly improve your overall metabolic processes and metabolism.
This program is not designed for everyone but it is designed for those who want to learn, apply the tools and create an everlasting change in their life.
Ever since I truly started biohacking (personal experiements) with friends and myself in the past 10 years, the truth is, science still holds true today.
I know within, this program is life-changing and will give you the confidence and tools to do what is necessary to get shredded but overall improve your health.
Everything I will be sharing in this program is backed by research and science and truly will help you get to the bottom line of what helps improve your body composition, what will improve your energy levels, and how you can level up in playing in this game called, "Life."
This is a program that is 100% money-back guaranteed in the first 14 days.  If you don't like the program within the 14 days, I will fully refund your money, no questions asked.  I do this because I stand behind the program and because the research and science are solid and have been tested in my life and with patients, I have served for over 10 years.
I do this because I stand behind the product, the class, the transformation and I are an individual who will do whatever it takes to get the results that an individual needs, as long as they are willing to do the work.
Most of the success of the individuals who have worked with me or have taken this class was having them trust the process and doing the work necessary.
I know, deep within, that you will truly get massive results and start to see changes as little as 2-3 weeks in the program, even though, this program is designed to give you the tools to be shredded and stay shredded throughout 2020 and beyond.
So, what are you waiting for? 
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One last story to share...
When my mother was diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism back in 2012, I remember the fear she had.  She went to her doctor and they told her if she didn't go on the medication they were recommending that she would die.  
We immediately looked into holistic measures to help her and we revamped her diet (that she follows today), plus a specific blend of supplements and herbs to help support and give the body what she needed.
The diet, was heavily focused on rebalancing two specific hormones that you will learn much more in depth in the program.  
After 5 months, she went back to the doctors and found her thyroid levels had dropped by 16 times.  They were baffled.  Her thyroid back in 2012 was only functioning a total of 10%.  
Today, my mother's thyroid is functioning at 98% and shows no signs of hypothyroidism at all from the blood work that she routinely gets every 6-12 months.
This program is designed to help improve one's overall health and get shredded at the same time.
The results vary between each individual and the length of time it takes to balance one's hormones does take time but learning and applying all that you will learn in the program will truly give your body and your mind, the opportunity to experience that and so much more.