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What is the "Dark"?

We’ve all faced hard times, but what if you found a way to find the light in the darkest of moments?


Sometimes it seems so hard to walk through this thing called life. The weight and magnitude of all that burdens us is so heavy that we become frozen before it, unable to step from the shadows of it all to emerge into enlightenment.


There is a trick to all of it. A key which, once grasped, can effectively turn everything you thought you knew inside out. It is the single most important thing you need in your metaphorical tool kit to flourish into a successful, ever-evolving creature of the light.


A Walk in the Dark by Dr. Vic Manzo will give you the courage and determination you need to illuminate your darkness.


A Walk in the Dark will alter the way you view suffering and turn your understanding of the world upside-down. In shifting your mindset you will find unimaginable meaning beyond what your EGO says is possible.


Who is Dr. Vic?

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Dr. Vic has been a pediatric chiropractor for 12 and a mindset coach for 3. He has also authored the book A Walk in the Dark: A guide to Finding Your TRUE Light.


A high stress, high anxiety individual for most of his life, Dr. Vic often found himself distracted and restless.


When he saw any individual who was calm, balanced, and successful, he thought it a talent they had.


After completing chiropractic school, Dr. Vic thought we would gain a sense of accomplishment, but didn’t.

When he got his business off the ground, he thought he would gain this sense of accomplishment, but still didn’t.


Even when he began receiving prestigious awards, he didn’t feel anything.


It was because of this emptiness inside of him that Dr. Vic shifted his focus on mindfulness, appreciation, and getting himself centered...  


He no longer worries about what he didn’t complete in a day but instead, started to slow down and do less.


Once he embraced this process, he saw his life begin to flourish.  Everything in his life started to expand, grow and evolve to where he wanted it to go.


If you’re looking to change your life, alter your mindset, and be put on the path to ultimate success, schedule a free coaching session with Dr. Vic today.

People Dr. Vic Has Helped

I am now meditating for 39+ days straight and so powerful!  Dr. Vic helped me focus deep into my vision, what I want to do, where I want to go and so super-focus on what I desire.

You don't have to GRIND and HUSTLE all day to achieve what you desire in life.

Dr. Vic truly shares how to be intentional on a daily basis!  Best money I have invested in myself in such a long time.  

He brings an individual experience in a group setting and he is truly NEXT LEVEL!


Courtney A.

Sober Coach and Host on Sober Vibes Podcast

Since working with Dr. Vic, I have completely shifted every aspect of my life. If I could describe this shift with one word it would be transformational. With his wisdom and guidance, I have been able to rewire my mindset to see my life in an entirely new light.


This was always a desire of mine but I never knew how to get there until I began working with him.  Working quarter by quarter, once I accomplish the work I set out to do, I look back and can’t believe how far I have come, but also how much closer to my most authentic self I am.


There is no dream that is too big to achieve and for the first time in my life, I believed this to be true. All because of the belief and strength that Dr. Vic has to offer his clients.


His honesty, clarity, and mentoring methods are powerful and absolutely necessary if you set out to make huge quantum shifts in your life. I am so grateful to have found his guidance while on this path of ultimate growth.


Angela G.

Owner of The Path to Rediscovery

I’ve known Dr. Vic Manzo for 12 years and have seen him grow in not only his business over the years but his in his personal life.


I remember hearing about his struggles with his own business years ago and now to see how he has succeeded in his entrepreneurial journey is amazing.


I myself recently started my own business and have sought his advice and expertise. If you’re looking to create prosperity in not only your business but every aspect of your life, Dr. Vic is the man to coach with to help you achieve your dreams.


Dr. Hong L.


The 5-week group coaching with Dr. Vic expanded the way I think about life, business, and the importance of mental health on so many levels.


I went from being burnt out, feeling lost and one of the many fish in the huge sea to feeling SELF-empowered. Coaching with Dr. Vic helped me find my creativity again, become less irritable and more centered. Not only is it helping me as an entrepreneur, but as an individual & parent who wants to cultivate healthy relationships. The tools that Dr. Vic gave me will be ones that I use for the rest of my life. 


I'd recommend it to anyone who is feeling stuck, frustrated, or just wants to expand and grow where they currently stand. 

Dr. Vic is an individual who genuinely cares about you and your success. He is not another guru out there teaching you what to think, but more how to think for yourself.  If you are willing to embrace the process you will too realize like I did that he will stop at nothing to help you recognize your potential.


Carly O.

Founder at Pushplay It Forward

Are you someone who…
Is making
less than what you feel you are worth?

Feels like no matter how much energy you put into something,
it hits a wall?

Feels like you
don't have enough time for your family, hobbies, loved ones?

Feels like life is a battle or a struggle?

Is looking for ways to
work less, achieve more and enjoy the freedoms of life you seek?

'stuck' or in a 'rut' with your business, career, business, financials, relationships, health, mindset, etc.?

Then you need to realize that the problem is not
YOU. The problem lies within your MIND
There is this state of mind called
FLOW STATE and learning to perfect and control this state of mind propels you not only into, but beyond your goals.
This is how Dr. Vic helps entrepreneurs
DOUBLE their profits while working LESS and TRIPLING their time with their LOVED ONES in as little as six months.

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What is the outcome?

Here are a few things you’ll work on alongside Dr. Vic to help you become aligned with your target and fully enter your flow state.

Understand what is preventing you from prosperity

Understanding the power of intention

Understanding the

Rules to Life

Determining your path to creating freedom

Dissect and alter your morning routine

Determining your

core values

Determining the vision

for your life

Understanding how you can work less and profit more

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If you’re ready to
make your dreams a reality

Book a free coaching session with Dr. Vic today

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