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The Prosperous Mind


do you feel?...

Are you not making what you feel you are worth?

Do you feel like no matter how much energy you put into something, it hits a wall or the results are not consistent?

Do you feel you don't have enough time for your family, hobbies, loved ones?

Do you feel like life is a battle or a struggle?

Are you looking for ways to work less, achieve more and enjoy the freedoms of life you seek?

Do you feel 'stuck' or in a 'rut' with your business, career, business, financials, relationships, health, mindset, etc.?

Are you looking for someone to be, not only your greatest cheerleader but best accountability partner to create space for you to make more money, work less and lead a SOUL-FILLED life?

Do you believe you are worth the goals, dreams, visions, and more of what you desire?

Are you ready to let go of old programs, thinking, stories, belief system,s and the constructs you have built for survival, to create a life you thought could only be possible in your dreams?

Are you willing to take and commit the action steps necessary and play 100% full out to achieve your dreams, vision, and legacy?

Are you looking to achieve results faster with more ease?

Are you ready to INVEST IN YOU?

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When I started out in business, I studied the most successful chiropractors and entrepreneurs.  I looked within my profession and outside of it.

I had a huge vision to fill and I knew it would take work, hustle, grinding every day and sweat equity.

I started to hit roadblocks in my career as I was burning out 3-4 times per year even though, I LOVE what I do.  

No matter how much energy I put into things, I felt like I was missing something or I continued to hit a wall for my growth.

It wasn't until I started to focus on what I learned over the years about the power of the mind, the neuroscience of the brain, quantum physics, spiritual laws, universal laws, laws of nature and started to become curious with life to see, are there rules to this game called, "LIFE?"

Once I shifted my focus and started to do the work internally, mainly on my mindset, within one year, I over doubled my profits in my business.  

Once I did this with my profits, I wondered if I can work smarter, not harder...

Then, I put together a plan to reduce my hours in my office so I can maximize my time with patients while giving me more time with my family.

Within 6 months, I had reduced my hours at work by 50% while over doubling my profits and tripling my time with my family.

The funny thing is, I look back at it now and I haven't experienced any burnouts and I feel like I am completely in the driver seat of my reality and what I want to create for the world and my family.

Success does not have to be HARD WORK.  Yes, you will have to show up CONSISTENTLY.  Yes, you will have to have a SYSTEM.  Yes, you will have to put in the TIME.


There is this state of mind called, "FLOW STATE," to where if you can get in that alignment, what you desire happens to show up in your life faster and from this type of work.  This is how I am able to help entrepreneurs DOUBLE their profits while working LESS and TRIPLING their time with their LOVED ONES as little as six months.

With the extra time created, it allows the Entrepreneur to work ON THE BUSINESS, than in the business which allows for the business owner to scale the business and multiple one's profits.


Many things had to happen in order for me to shift my life but I am here to say, after putting in the work, I started to realize my mindset and my perspective of success and life was off.  It was not aligned to what was my highest values.  It was not aligned to my purpose.  It was not aligned with what I wanted to achieve in my life.


When you are not in alignment, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to achieve what you desire.  


It is like being in a car, going in the opposite direction of where you want to go.  No matter how fast you drive, no matter what type of car you have, no matter how long you drive, you will not reach your destination.


After hitting many walls, numerous times, I started to see what I was doing wrong.  I start to look at my mindset, my thoughts, my emotions, and where I put my energy into. 


I started to see how much I allowed my EGO to run my life, rather than my HEART/INTUITION guide me.


Long story short, within a VERY SHORT TIME, I tripled my business in 2 years.  My relationships improved dramatically.  My finances improved.  My health improved.  My mental health improved.  Everything in my life has been enhanced for the better.

This all happened by SHIFTING MY MINDSET to be PROSPEROUS in all areas of my life.

And if I was able to do this, YOU CAN TOO!

But there was something different.


I was working 3x less than I normally do.


I have more time to spend with my wife, my family and the things that matter most to me.


I travel when I want and have the opportunity to do anything I desire.


There was only one change I had to do and that was, MY MINDSET.  


Once I shifted my mindset and utilized the principles that I studied such as, Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Neuro-Reprogramming, Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and so much more, I started to shift and achieve what I desired quicker than I could ever imagine.

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Are You Ready to double your profits, work less, Make More and Lead a More Fulfilled Life?

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What to expect when you are going to work with me?

What is your vision for your life and does it align with every factor of your life.  If not, you have incongruencies.

Understand the Laws of the Universe which are the Rules to Life.  This helps you work smarter, not harder.

Learn a morning routine that helps keep your mind sharp and how to stay laser-focused.

You will learn the mental blocks within that are preventing you from PROSPERITY

We will uncover the resistance you have in life that is only creating the lack that you are experiencing. 

We will work on your CORE VALUES to determine the CODES of your life.

You will learn the power of focus and what this means in terms of creating your reality.

You will learn how to work LESS and profit MORE.

You will become a master of your schedule that will align you for success.

You will learn the power of intention to set yourself up for massive profits.

You will learn how to create the FREEDOM you desire in your life.

Your life, your rules...

You will have a community of people to support you along the way and hold you accountable

Ready to Upgrade Your Business and Life?
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Experiences from People who Worked with Dr. Vic

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"I went from being BURNT OUT, feeling LOST and one of the MANY fish in the huge sea to feeling SELF-EMPOWERED.


Coaching with Dr. Vic has helped me find my CREATIVITY again and become  LESS IRRITABLE and MORE CENTERED.  Not only is it helping me as an entrepreneur, but as an individual and parent who wants to cultivate HEALTHY relationships.  The tools that Dr. Vic gave me will be ones that I use for the REST OF MY LIFE.


Carly O.

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You don't have to GRIND and HUSTLE all day to ACHIEVE what you DESIRE in your life.


Dr. Vic truly shares how to be intentional on the daily!  BEST MONEY I have invested in myself in such a long time.


Courtney A.

Accountability (1).png

I’ve known Dr. Vic Manzo for 12 years and have seen him grow in not only his business over the years but in his personal life.


I remember hearing about his struggles with his own business years ago and now to see how he has succeeded in his entrepreneurial journey is amazing.


I myself recently started my own business and have sought his advice and expertise. If you’re looking to create prosperity in not only your business but every aspect of your life, Dr. Vic is the man to coach with to help you achieve your dreams.


- Dr. Hong L.


With one phone call with Dr. Vic, I INCREASED my profits by 138% MONTHLY and continued to maintain that growth monthly throughout the year!


Dr. Paty

I have seen in my own business a 207% GROWTH  in sales in just 7 months.


Mike L.

Since working with Dr. Vic, I saw a  165% GROWTH  in sales in just 6 MONTHS and the beautiful part is, we didn't do anything new or any marketing strategies for the business.  We just focused on my mindsetlimiting beliefs, subconscious mind and where I put my energy and focus at.


Amanda S.

Dr. Vic has an AMAZING ability to help you have a SOLID mindset to gain CLARITY in all aspects of life, NOT just in business.  People don't realize how important one's MINDSET is and how it plays a role in our lives and Dr. Vic truly has that part dialed in to HELP YOU.


Dr. Steph

If you are ready to get unstuck and live a limitless life, let's chat...

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