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Do you feel STUCK in practice and in life?


Are you wanting to SERVE more in your community but

not attracting enough patients?


Are you not ATTRACTING your IDEAL PATIENTS in your office?


Do you want to WORK LESS and MAKE MORE in your practice?


Do you want to travel, have more financial freedom and spend more time with family?


Do you feel like you are trying EVERYTHING to grow and scale your practice but hitting a deadend?


Are you tired of feeling powerless and hopeless to achieve your DREAM LIFE?


Are you tired of feeling BURNT OUT?

If you answer "yes" to any or all of these, time to get unstuck and create that dream practice and life you desire.

What Other Chiropractors Have Experienced

Dr. Vic has an AMAZING ability to help you have a SOLID mindset to gain CLARITY in all aspects of life, NOT just in business.  People don't realize how important one's MINDSET is and how it plays a role in our lives and Dr. Vic truly has that part dialed in to HELP YOU.


Dr. Steph - Chiropractor

Since working with Dr. Vic, I saw a 165% GROWTH  in sales in just 6 months and the beautiful part is, we didn't do anything NEW or any marketing strategies for the business.  We just focused on my mindset, limiting beliefs, subconscious mind, and where I put my energy and focus.


Dr. Amanda S. - Chiropractor

With one phone call with Dr. Vic, I INCREASED my profits by 138% MONTHLY and continued to MAINTAIN that growth monthly throughout the year!


Dr. Paty - Chiropractor

Since coaching with Dr. Vic, I have seen in my own business a 207% GROWTH in sales in just 7 MONTHS.


Dr. Mike L. - Chiropractor

I recently started my own Chiropractic business and have sought his advice and expertise the time he has saved me plus the increase in profits is awesome!

If you are looking to create prosperity in, not only your business but every aspect of your life, Dr. Vic is the man to coach with to help you achieve your dreams.

Dr. Hong L. - Chiropractor

Who is Dr. Vic?

Dr. Vic has been a Chiropractor for the past 12 years.  He is a certified Pediatric Chiropractor through the ICPA, a Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner through the ICA, a Business Mindset Coach for the past 4 years, 3x Author, Podcaster, and International Speaker.

He truly understands firsthand what burnout feels like, living a life to where you are not truly fulfilled and believing you were meant more than what one has been experiencing.

Through his diverse understanding and study of quantum physics, neuroscience, mindset, limiting beliefs, taking the philosophy of Chiropractic and the Vitalistic approach of health in his coaching process, and more, he has mastered the way to work less, make more, have the financial freedom you seek while doing what you love most.

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