EP#220 - Level-Up Your Relationships

In this episode, I had the opportunity to share some space with Louis Morris who is a Relationship and Spiritual coach.  In this laid-back episode, Louis and I talk about the hardships people are facing, especially relationships due to COVID and the lockdowns each state and parts of the world are experiencing. Louis will share some insightful and creative ways to keep the spice up in your relationship, how to keep things fresh and never experience a dull moment. Tune in as I will also share some personal stories that relate to the advice Louis gives in this episode. Who is Louis Morris? Louis is the host of the Heart Matters Podcast as well an author of several self help books. He is a life

EP#219 - Be the Lion in Life

Many motivational speakers use the Lion as an example to inspire you. The one that comes to mind the most is ET (Eric Thomas). He shares the story of the Lion and the Gazelle. And many others will use the word, "Beast Mode," and have a lion on there... In this episode, I share a different side of the lion that we can all learn from to create mastery in our lives. I will share how a lion hunts, lives, the spirit of the lion and how you can tap into that to help you with your life and what obstacles/struggles you are facing and so much more! Tune in and let me know what you think! -------------------------------------------------- Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrVicManz

EP#218 - Becoming a Struggle Guru

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kirsten Bevereley-Waters.  She shares some insights on how you can become a Struggle Guru and handle any struggles that you face within your life. In this episode, she will share concepts, ideas and tips to help yourself see the beauty behind a struggle and what it means for your life. All struggles help you evolve and grow.  The key concept is to trust the process... Who is Kirsten? Kirsten Beverley-Waters is a Yoga Medicine teacher, fitness coach, author, and motivational speaker. Kirsten is known for using innovative movement methods to bring a modern approach to yoga's ancient wisdom. Teaching movement through the lens of mental wellness, whole body hea

EP#217 - World's Greatest Enemy

We all have an enemy within us. It comes with many names... Some call it, "the Inner Critic." Some call it, "the EGO." Some call it, "the Darkness." The name does not matter. We all have an enemy in the mind that challenges us and the goal is to keep you comfortable. Many people, lose the war, to this invisible enemy. In this episode, I will talk about more in depth of what this, share personal stories of what I had to do to break through and how the enemy within, actually can be, your best friend... Tune in for more! ----------------------------------------------------- Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrVicManzo Instagram: www.Instagram.com/DrVicManzo LinkedIn: www.L

EP#216 - How the Envirome Affects You

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ted Smith. Ted has a wealth of knowledge and is really up to some amazing things. One of the biggest projects he is focusing on is the envirome and how important it is, we focus on this first, before anything else to help with our health and our mind. Ted has a long list of credentials and I truly appreciate his passion in the work he is doing, not only for the environment, but also for the people. His work will truly show how important it is to connect with nature and that, the more we connect with nature, the better it serves our overall health and well-being. Who is Ted Smith? Ted is an Associate Professor of pharmacology and toxicology

EP#215 - Overcoming Obstacles

There are a few guarantees in life from what I have observed and learned. #1 - You will eventually leave this world and this life. #2 - You will have to pay taxes (even if it is voluntary) #3 - You will always have dishes to be washed #4 - You will always have obstacles to face in life No one escapes these 4 things... And how we perceive these things, truly determines how we live our lives. In this episode, I will share ways on how to not be a stat, how to break through your own professional and personal obstacles and truly live the life you desire on your own terms. And YES, it is massively possible. Tune in for more and get inspired to break through the obstacles you chose, prior to coming

EP#214 - Creating A Forgiveness Practice

In this episode, I had the pleasure to interview Edward Miller where we discuss on many different topics of forgiveness, Ho'oponopono, non-duality, resistance and so much more. It was great to converse with a fellow Chicagoan and he shares many wonderful tips and info in this wonderful episode. Who is Edward Miller? Over his 25-year spiritual journey, he has gained wisdom and invaluable training tools to help others realize innovative meditative skills that foster life changing results. As a student of Transcendental and Buddhist Meditation practices, and progressive modalities of Self- Inquiry through NonDuality, he has researched and studied many great metaphysical teachers-- including E

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