EP#213 - The Power of Setting Intention

We have the power to transform water to help our health or destroy it. Our thoughts, projections and intentions is what shifts our life in so many ways. We do this, without even knowing it. But, what if we lived life more intentionally? What if we set the intentions of our day? Would things change? How does intention set the tone for life? Is there any science or validity to these concepts? Tune in to answer these questions and so much more! --------------------------------------------------- Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrVicManzo Instagram: www.Instagram.com/DrVicManzo LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/DrManzo Parler: www.parler.com/profile/DrVicManzo YouTube: Bit.Ly/

EP#212 - You Are Not Meant to Suffer

In this wonderful interview I had with Blake Bauer. We had the pleasure of diving deep into suffering and talk about how we are not meant to suffer. I was looking forward to this convo because Blake wrote a book called, "We Are Not Born to Suffer," and I wrote a book called, "A Walk in the Dark," which both are on suffering and the dark times we face in life. In this episode, Blake will be discussing his story of how he ended up doing the work he is doing today. We discuss many topics of suffering and what suffering truly is and how you can use it to your advantage and so much more. Tune in below for this wonderful episode. Who is Blake Bauer? Blake D. Bauer is the author of the internation

EP#211 - Your Karma = Your Choices

In my first book, "Rediscover Your Greatness," I shared what Karma truly is. I always felt deep within that Karma is not something that happens to you because of a bad decision you made in the past that will come back and bite you. As the saying goes, "Karma will bite you in the A**." When I started to learn and study language, words and their original origin, what I found fascinating is that, the words we use, are not what we think they truly are. And like any story, the more you pass it down, the more it gets water down. In this episode, I will share what Karma is, how you always have a choice to change your life, no matter what you face, and how you can truly alter your reality, by just

EP#210 - Finding Your Creativity

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Firdaus Kharas. He is a delight to talk with and truly brings back the inner child we all have. He is an expert on creativity and how learning to tap into our creativity, will return us back to the true essence of who we are. In this episode, he will share many concepts on how creativity can solve all problems and bring more joy into life. Tune in and enjoy this amazing interview! Who is Firdaus Kharas? Firdaus Kharas began creating media in 1995, founding Chocolate Moose Media, a hybrid social enterprise making for-profit television series and not-for-profit media campaigns. He also established television production companies in Canada in

EP#209 - Tapping Into the Dark

​​SMLXL We will always face the dark in all aspects of life. No matter how much we try to avoid it, it will show up in life. Too many times in life, when $h!t hits the fan in life, our mind wants to create control. When the light starts to dim in life, we want to do all that we can to slow the process down. But, what if, it was all happening for a design, rather than just to you? What if it is vastly something to help you expand in your life? All things have a silver lining in one way or another. It is law (Law of Duality). Join me on a short but straight episode by tuning in below! ---------------------------------------------------- Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrV

EP#208 - It Just Is... You Create The Rest...

Humans are story tellers and our perspectives in life truly can dictate our experiences... In this episode, I will be sharing how an event is just an event, and how you express, explain, put emotions and are energetically charged to the event, is what gives it life and its experiences for you. The mind is a fascinating thing and most of the time, how you see an event is through a filter. A bias if you will. This is why 10 people can all experience the same event and end up with 10 different stories of the event. At the end of the day, what's your perspective of the event, is what will play a role for you in your life. Tune in as I share 2 personal stories on this topic and much more that wil

EP#207 - Empowering Men The Alpha Hippie Way

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing a good friend of mine who has been the podcast before (EP#43), Angelo Sisco. Angelo and I have known each other for over 30 years and the man who he is today is inspiring to see. We both grew up in Melrose Park, IL, went to high school together and so much more. In this episode, Angelo and I discuss the lack of men learning what it is to be a man. In many other cultures, they take men, at a specific age, and teach them what it is meant to be a man. I know I wish I had this when I was growing up instead of learning from the hard knocks of life. Who is Angelo Sisco? On October 15th, 2002, Angelo Sisco was involved in a hit and run motorcycle

EP#206 - The Mirror Effect

Ever hear the statement, "Take a look in the mirror first?" The mirror effect is a way to check yourself and the best analogy to take self-responsibility. In a society where we like to blame other things. We like to blame society. We like to blame the justice system, educational system, etc. We are constantly looking outside of ourselves but then, we look up to people who broke out of the system and call them, "lucky." Or we discredit their success in one way or another. You are praised in public for the work you do in the dark. The work you do in the dark is the things you don't get praised for. Looking into mirror is true, blunt, honesty with yourself of holding you accountable. As the Uni

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