EP#186 - How To Stash That Cash

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with the financial mastermind of Chris Kawaja. We dove into mindset, and talked about his amazing strategy on how to, "Stash That Cash," which happens to be his new book he has released out. Who is Chris Kawaja? Chris Kawaja holds his BA from Stanford University and MBA with High Distinction from Harvard Business School. Chris spent the early years of his career on Wall Street (Goldman Sachs and Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund), where he developed his skeptical eye towards traditional financial advice. He developed his unique investing outlook for his own personal portfolio and he now owns a variety of assets ranging from

EP#185 - REPOST Interview - Cold Turkey Podcast Interviews Dr. Vic

I had a blast being on the Cold Turkey podcast. This experience was different from the many I have been on before. The questions were spot on to where I just share my story and listening to myself answer these questions, truly showed me the growth and the appreciation for where I came from. I live by many codes and one of them is: Never Forget Where You Come From. Another code: Never forget your roots and honor them daily. In this episode, I truly showed more gratitude to these codes and so much more. From my heart to yours, I hope you enjoy this interview as I shared with the listeners of The Cold Turkey Podcast a piece of my heart and I wanted to make sure 'The Mindful Experiment Community

EP#184 - Improving Your Brain Health

In this brand new episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing a medical doctor 👨‍⚕️ who I have much respect for in so many ways. Dr. William Sears is an individual who I have followed over the years and I actually recommend his books to some of my patients when it comes to parenting🤱👼, topics on vaccines and so much more. In this episode🎙️, Dr. Sears and I discuss how to improve one's brain 🧠 health. This is the biggest mindset hack we all need to focus 👀 on. Dr. Sears shares how certain foods🥑🥥, mindfulness techniques and movement plays a huge role for our health and more importantly, our brain. He shares topics and content from the book 📘 on this episode. I highly recommend checki

EP#183 - To Be In Flow With Life

Flow is something I had to learn and struggled with surrendering to the unlimited wisdom of the Universe. Growing up, I didn't have a choice in many things. I was told many more times what to do, how to feel, rather than share how I felt, or where I was coming from. What this did in my life when I became older was, I wanted to control things more. There is a good to this and a bad. The good part was, I knew within myself that my destiny was determined by me and no one would tell me differently. The bad thing, when some things didn't turn out as expected, it brought much stress, but what was worse, the inner critic within me grabbed a microphone and put the volume on 11 out of 10. Ever been t

EP#182 - Finding The Thirst of the Heart

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Udo Erasmus. Udo has done some amazing things in his life and his life's story only adds to everything. Udo shares in this episode how to find. the 'Thirst for the Heart' and how all you need is within you. You will notice very quickly that Udo speaks and shares his message like a true master, sage, mystic would. Make sure to have your pen and paper out. We dive into life lessons that many don't share or teach how to find. Let us know your thoughts! Who is Udo Erasmus? The legendary Udo Erasmus is the founder of Udo’s Choice - found in Whole Foods and other health food stores worldwide. He invented the machinery for making oils, enzymes, pr

EP#181 - The Power of Vantage Points

The vantage point of how you see something is what you will experience. There were two young boys who were looking at a beach ball on top of a small tower. The one boy was telling his dad, "Daddy, look at the big blue ball up there." The brother on the other side said, "The ball is not blue, it is red!" Both kiddos kept arguing about who was right until the dad said, "Switch spots and see what color the ball is." What they realized was, both of them were right based upon their perspective. If you don't like the narrative playing out in any fashion of your life, CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE for that is what CHANGES your world... Links in comments to tune in...

EP#180 - From Doctor to Patient

In this episode, I had the opportunity of interviewing Dr. Diva Nagula. Dr. Diva shares his story on how a health crisis really transformed his thinking on health, chronic illnesses and took him on a journey to where he understands a more in-depth process of how the body works and how natural solutions can be a massive part of one's life. Just like all of us, sometimes we think we are an expert or master on a topic and there may be times when we feel we know all that we need to know until life shows you, there is so much more you can grasp. We have all been on this path and have faced this in some shape or fashion within our lives and Dr. Diva's story will reflect this and so much more. Tune

EP#179 - Connecting with Intuition

A brand new podcast all about understanding the Dark times we face in life, how to connect to your higher self and get back to the 360 view of life. I share tips and tricks on your Soul's blueprint, how intuition is your connection with your Self, and will always guide you to where YOU have chosen to be. I share some personal stories on how this played a role in my life and how, from one perspective change, I experience things in a different way. How you define things by the words you choose and the emotions you attach, define your reality.... Tune in above! ----------------------------------------- Get Connected with Dr. Vic Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrVicManzo Instagram: www.Instagram.com

EP#178 - How to Be A Spiritual Ninja

In this episode, I had an honor to share space with the amazing spiritual ninja, Jannelle Christa. Who is Jannelle Christa? My Story is Your Story If you’ve experienced it… chances are, I have been there, too. Not to be too presumptuous or anything, but think I can say with confidence, I’ve been through the wringer in my relatively short life, so not much shocks or phases me. I have suffered. I have been abused in all ways imaginable. I have been an addict. I have had a mental illness. I’ve been on death’s door. I have been betrayed, deceived, abandoned. I’ve had anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, shame and pain and was diagnosed as bi-polar. I come from a history of affairs, divorce, and family

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