EP#147 - Interview Recording on The Healing Corner Podcast

This is a podcast repost when I was interviewed by Sarah Woodard on her podcast, "The Healing Corner Podcast." This was a great convo about spirit guides, life, how to align to creating the reality of your desires and so much more. We dive into how our angels nudge us and how we can use this to help us discover more of who we are, expand in the areas we desire and evolve to the person we seek to become. Enjoy as I had a blast with Sarah asking wonderful questions and stimulating great dialogue in the process. At the end, we couldn't believe how fast the time went. For more info about Sarah and what she is up to, visit her website at https://stonebridgetransformation.com You can also hear whe

EP#146 - The Cause of Suffering

What if there was ONE CAUSE to all the suffering we face in our lives and in this world? What if the solution was so simple to eradicate all suffering that we would ever have to face again? What if I was here to tell you that it is possible? In this episode, I dive deep into Chapter 8 of my new book, "A Walk in the Dark: A Guide to Finding Your TRUE LIGHT," and discuss what is the TRUE CAUSE to all the suffering we ever face in this life. There is no hold's bar in this episode. Tune in for more... Want to grab a FREE COPY of my new book? https://bit.ly/2kt8RPf My book is available on KINDLE, NOOK and Amazon https://amzn.to/30Sthjv Join my FREE Private FB Group Page https://bit.ly/2nJ9q8W

EP#145 - Centralized Data to Maximize Your Health

Who is David Korsunsky? David has fifteen years’ experience working for industry-leading technology firms and most recently served as Director of Technical Alliances at VMware, Inc. where he led strategic partnerships with global EHR companies including EPIC, Cerner, McKesson, GE, Allscripts and many more. As an avid health enthusiast, and navigating a health crisis of his own, he recognized an opportunity to build a software solution that makes it easier for anyone to take control of their health through centralized, easy to understand data. We give you one place to manage all of your health information. We put data in your hand and we put you at the controls... You will have the tools and

EP#144 - Connecting to Your Light - Part II

In this episode, we dive deep into chapter 7 of my new book: "A Walk in the Dark: A Guide to Finding Your TRUE LIGHT." In this chapter, we dive into the second part of connecting with your Source, your soul, your essence, your innate intelligence and I share the neurological aspects to how meditation is the true answer to building your relationship with yourSelf. As Lao Tzu, the founder of Toaism stated: "Mastering others is STRENGTH. Mastering yourself is TRUE POWER." Meditation is what builds upon that and in this episode, we will share the neurology, the science, the benefits and 11 different ways you can meditate to start the reconnection with your true essence, the part of you that is E

EP#143 - Understanding the Dark, Our Reality and Much More

This is an unique episode where this is a recording of me, Dr. Vic., being interviewed by my doctor in our Chiropractic office, Dr. Beau Blakeley from The Wellness Path. Each month, he performs something called, "FB Live Biz Spotlight," where he highlights a business in our community, has their database ask us questions regarding Chiropractic and our database will ask the other business questions about what they do and the services they offer. We truly do this to create community awareness and also helps us create partnerships that we believe are a good fit and model for what we do. In this FB Live Biz Spotlight, Dr. Beau wanted to interview me about my new book, what is Empowered Reality, a

EP#142 - Connecting to Your Light - Pt. 1

This is the continuing series of talking about each chapter in my new book, "A Walk in the Dark." In this episode, we discuss how we have lost the connection with ourselves while creating more connections in an internet world. How did we get so disconnected? What is the cause? Is there hope for us to connect back to our true Source? Our Soul? Our essence? How do we create a better relationship (connection) with ourselves and get back on the spiritual path that we came here to be on? What tools can instantaneously bring us back to the present and help us be connected, right in this moment? Tune in to find out... -------------------------------- Want to grab a FREE COPY of my new book? http

EP#141 - Creating a THRIVING Life

Who is Peter Montoya? For over two decades Peter was the financial industry’s go-to guru on marketing & branding, now he’s the CEO of ThriveUnion - an organization whose mission is to fulfill a need in modern society, helping people go from meaningless isolation to purposeful belonging. Though Peter struggled through school with undiagnosed ADHD, he was admitted to and graduated from the University of California Irvine in Political Science. Post-college he became a traveling speaker and salesman, chalking up over 3000 presentations and living in over 22 major cities. Peter went on to found a successful advertising agency and software platform, dedicated to financial service professionals. He

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