EP#131 - Upgrading the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Who is Joe Trodden? Joe has been working in the entrepreneurial mindset space for the last five years, working with hundreds of entrepreneurs at every stage when he was a coach at the Entrepreneurial Spark Global Accelerator. Leaving there to set up his own specialist business, Joe works specifically in the post-start-up/pre-scale up niche, a place where entrepreneurs often fight so hard to get to, but then struggle to find their next level. The right strategy at that point is essential, but the real answer to leveling up lies in upgrading their mindset, which is what Joe enables people to do. His mantra is that it’s not about ‘how can it be done’, it’s about ‘how can you do it’. How to Conn

EP#130 - The Darkness We Face in Life

We all face the darkness in life, one way or another. It is a rite of passage. Most of us, avoid the darkness. We shy away from it or utilize many different resources to avoid it in some shape, way or form. But, what if the Darkness was our best friend? What if the darkness had a purpose? What if, on the other side of the darkness, is the sunny days you are seeking? What if, on the other side of the darkness, your dreams, goals, vision and all the beauty life has to offer is there? Join me as I discuss the release of my new book and share a few messages from the book and how the darkness may not be as scary as we once thought. To Grab a FREE COPY of my NEW BOOK: https://bit.ly/2kt8RPf Join

EP#129 - Write to Influence

Understanding the power and simplicity of how writing can truly influence individuals and expand your message to the masses. Tune in below as I had the pleasure of interviewing retired Air Force Colonel, Carla D. Bass. Who is Carla D. Bass? CarlaD. Bass, Colonel, Air Force (Ret), served 30 years active duty and another 12 with a federal agency, working directly with general officers and civilian equivalents, ambassadors, congressional delegations, and foreign dignitaries. She wrote letters for executive-level signature; reports for senior military leaders; hundreds of personnel appraisals; nominations for awards, congressional fellowships, and other competitive packages. She composed elevat

Intro to The Walk in the Dark

Below, you can find an intro to my new book, "A Walk in the Dark: A Guide to Finding Your TRUE LIGHT." This book truly is designed to help lower the mental suffering we experience on a human consciousness level. Introduction What is it about the dark that we, as humans, fear? What does it represent? What metaphors does it represent? When I was a little boy growing up in Melrose Park, I remember being afraid of the dark. There was something about the night that freaked me out. I never knew what it was. My poor mother would have to tend to me at night as some nights were too overwhelming for me to handle. I was that boy who needed a hallway light, a light within my room and could never have it

EP#128 - Momentum is Everything in Life

In this episode, I share the power of momentum and why it is the catalyst for all things in life. I share concepts on who you truly are, share principles about how the Universe works and share methods of what you can do to create momentum within your life to CREATE ANYTHING you desire... Pre-Order Dr. Vic's New Book for FREE - https://tinyurl.com/AWITD-Book Join Our Private Facebook Group - https://bit.ly/2WMBSHA Check Out Dr. Vic's 5 Week Online Class - Registration opens on Sept. 18th https://bit.ly/2JDS3Pf Info from our sponsor: Please follow us on Instagram @umashankariauthor, facebook @umashankariauthor and twitter @AuthorShankari Qualify for a discount by putting code: MIND10

EP#127 - The Power of Vital Force

Who is Rajshree Patel? RajshreePatel is mind and meditation expert and an international self-awareness coach, teacher, and speaker. She has taught hundreds of thousands of people in more than 35 countries the power of meditation, mindfulness, breath work, and other ancient tools for accessing the innate source of energy, creativity, and fulfillment within. Born in Uganda and raised between rural India and New York City, Patelwas working as a prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney's office and the Los Angeles District Attorney's office when a chance meeting with the renowned spiritual master Sri SriRavi Shankar changed her life. She left the practice of criminal law to explore the power of universa

EP#126 - The Power of Visualization

Sages, Mystics and Spiritual Gurus have been saying for thousands of years how powerful the tool of visualization is. It has been said, "If you see it within the mind's eye, you will experience it within your reality." From a neuroscience perspective, the brain cannot tell the difference of what is the reality and what is made up in the mind. When you start to understand this principle, you can transform your life and so much more. Tune in to the video and let me know what you think.

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