EP#97 - Does the Past and Future Really Exist?

Does the past and future really exist? Are there such things as a past life or the next life after this? How does being mindful play a role in your life and how does the evolution of the planet into the 5th dimension really mean? What are the signs that your body and DNA frequencies are changing to evolve? So much and more as I share within this episode... Tune in below! Click here to download the episode.

EP#96 - Resist Being Average

In this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Tommy Baker from Resist Average Academy. Tommy is a high energy guy who truly lives his passion and shares it through his podcast, his 3 books and the work he does with his clients. In this episode, Tommy and I discuss how to resist being average by finding your passion and living it within your life. Make sure to have a pen and paper handy as Tommy shares some awesome nuggest on life and how to truly find your passion and resist being average. Who is Tommy Baker? Tommy Bakerhelps dreamers, visionaries and entrepreneurs bring those dreams to life —and create a life they can’t wait to wake up for. As author of UnResolution, The 1% Rule and

EP#95 - How to be a Manifestation Guru

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing what Cosmopolitan Magazine​ called, "The Manifestation Guru," Sarah Prout. In this interview, we dive into the essence of how to manifest and how Sarah did just that. She shares a personal story of how this journey was laid out for her and how she used the power of manifesting to transform her life to be wildly successful. Who is Sarah Prout? Sarah Prout is the host of the Journey to Manifesting podcast and co-founder of the Manifesting Academy, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, writer. Named a ‘manifestation guru’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Her message — that you manifest through your connection to The Universe and empowering your emoti

EP#94 - Time is Limited

In this episode, I bring a reality that many tend to forget. This episode is truly to create urgency in your life and hopefully allow for you to be more present in every moment of your life. The concept of us have limited time on this planet and life is truly one that sometimes, we forget. I will be sharing ideologies to help you shift your focus more on the things you truly value and from this, it will enrich your life to experience more happiness, joy, bliss, peace, less stress and truly get out of this life, all that matters most to you! Tune in below for more! Download this episode by clicking here!

EP#93 - How to Create SuperWellness

Dr. Edith-Ubuntu truly shares her passion for Wellness and how to create a life of SuperWellness. We dive into many topics that relate to health and her bright energy, joy andpassion for what she does and why she does what she does each and every day truly comes through in this episode. In this episode, Dr. Edith will share how she works with each patient when it comes to overall health and how we don't focus on one of the most important factors of our health which is oxygen. She will share the work she does with breathing and how she helps patients improve their health through oxygen, water, food andother holistic methods. Who is Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan? Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chanis a Holistic C

EP#92 - Everything Starts with the Mind

No matter what we do in life, if we don't have a solid clarity, vision, focus on what it is we desire, we will get the same old experience or something different than what we desire. In this episode, Dr. Vic shares wisdom about the perspective of mindset and how if we don't shift gears with it, we get the same experience. He will talk about the mindset of a new car, relationships, business, and health. Tune in for more as he shares ways on how to shift your perspective and mindset to assist in having you create a transformation within your own life! Click here to download the episode

EP#91 - The Practicality of Being a Spiritual Atheist - Part II

Here is the part II series with Nick Jankel as we dive into the practicality of being a spiritual atheist. In part I, we discussed the ins and outs of the philosophy and aspects to spiritual atheism but part II puts it all into action. Tune in below. Who is Nick Jankel? Nick Jankel has lectured at Yale & Oxford, advised the Prime Minister at No.10 Downing Street, been invited to Science FOO Camp run by Google and Nature Journal, contributed to The Economistand The Guardian, the BBC World Service (on the subject of Artificial Intelligence) and presented at The Science Of Consciousnessconference. He can inspire your listeners with his fresh ideas on science and engage them with his playful

EP#90 - Getting Back to Simplicity

Do you feel that we have made this world very simple or very complex? Do you believe it is becoming more simple or complex as we continue our human evolution? In this podcast, I share the power of simplicity and why it can diminish our stress and understand what really matters in life. This episode is for anyone, at any stage of life, no matter what you do or where you are, this episode is designed for you. Take a moment and join me as we discuss how we have made health and life more complex than it should be and that we have created such a complex world, we don't even believe in the solutions that are simple because, frankly, we believe it can't be that simple. Tune in for more!

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