EP89 - How to Be a Spiritual Atheist - Part I

This is a two-part series as I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Jankel. Nick shares his deep insights and wisdom that he wrote about in his book, "Spiritual Atheist." For me, when I first saw his book, I was very curious to know what it was all about due to the title. It is a great book and a great interview. Who is Nick Jankel? Nick Jankel has lectured at Yale & Oxford, advised the Prime Minister at No.10 Downing Street, been invited to Science FOO Camp run by Google and Nature Journal, contributed to The Economistand The Guardian, the BBC World Service (on the subject of Artificial Intelligence) and presented at The Science Of Consciousnessconference. He can inspire your listeners

EP#88 - Understanding Life Energy Through Money

Money is just a means to an object. It is what gives us more opportunities. Money is not good nor is it evil. Money is just LIFE ENERGY. What does this mean? Just as we are creators and where we put our energy to, gives LIFE to things, so does money. Money is what gives life to an organization, an idea, an opportunity, etc. It is what keeps things alive (company, idea, organization) and what can kill it. It can instill change and much more. When and how we use our money determines so many factors in today's world. Tune into this episode as I share some hardcore truths about money and how to truly create a change, revolution or support something that matters most. Trust be told, change

EP#87 - Creating Transformation with Jungian Psychology

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Debi and Dr. Rob Maldonado. We dove into many aspects of how one can transform their life through the utilization of Jungian psychology and eastern traditions. Tune in and let us know what you thought of the episode. Who are Debi and Dr. Rob Maldonado? Dr. Rob Maldonado and Debi Maldonado are respectively the President and CEO of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, providing world-class personal development and coach training that transforms people’s lives through live seminars and multimedia online courses. Dr. Rob is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychol

EP#86 - The Difference Between What to Think vs. How to Think

The biggest fail I believe when it comes to learning from someone is when they tell you WHAT to think rather than HOW to think. The old method of telling you how I did something and now I am going to sell exactly what I did to become successful is awesome stuff but my vision in life is to create SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. My vision is to help individuals REALIZE their TRUE nature. To allow for your light to shine. My vision is not to create a copy of someone else in any way, shape or form. Too many people copy people's stuff and put a stamp on it (logo) that it is there's and in the end, they may be successful, but their soul is muted. Tune in as I share more on these principles and help yo

EP#85 - Understanding the Energy World through Emotional Blockages

Great episode with the Shaman Practitioner, Steve Krejcik. Steve shares many pearls of wisdom and how to become more aware of emotional blockages that hold us back and shares truth on how to break out of the pattern of the disempowerment triangle. Who is Steve Krejcik? Steve started his personal journey within in 1972 when he had a near-death experience. In 1982, he started teaching classes, healing, and lecturing. He has studied many healing and personal growth modalities with many teachers including Shakti Gawain, Surge King, Sun Bear, Billie Topa Tatie, Shirley Dunlap/Hall, and Alberto Villoldo. Steve is a Minister, Board Member, Speaker and Teacher at the Center of Personal Transformati

EP#84 - Stop Giving Your Power Away

How we give our power away in so many ways, today I wanted to share one way on how we do this. I hear this often and it is one thing that, if you can stop giving your power away, you can use that extra power to align and manifest what it is you desire. It is what allows you to show up as your best every single day. The issue with giving your power away is like using up energy on things that don't empower you but only take from you. In the long run, it is not sustainable. You end up in a place where you feel burned out, tired, exhausted, etc. I have been there too many times. Until I learned this simple tool, I kept ending up burned out, overwhelmed and exhausted. Now, I am at my best ab

EP#83 - 5 Minutes to Creating Success

In this podcast episode, Karen shares how to create massive success in your life with as little as 5 minutes a day. She shares concepts and ideologies on how a simple 5 minute a day practice truly creates success in your life as it has for her. Who is Karen Briscoe? Karen Briscoe is the creator of the transformative "5 Minute Success" concept. Her books Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed and Commit to Get Leads: 66 Day Challenge®offer a combination of information and inspiration delivered through memorable stories. Her first book was featured in INMAN as “must read for your best year in real estate” in 2017. Amazon ranks the book in the top 1% in its

EP#82 - How Not To Be Reactive

In the world we live in, more and more people are becoming more and more reactive. We are controlled easier by the concept of, someone can do something and we blow up. We are not just seeing this with adults, but also in children. When I was growing up, I remember that if something bad happens to a child, we didn't have to worry about them coming back with a gun or taking out the school. In today's age, the kids you least expect at times, come back and do things that are unimaginable. In the adult world, ask yourself, "When someone cuts you off, how do you feel? Do you get road rage? Do you take things out on the people who love you the most? Who do you dump your stress on?" I am not sa

EP#81 - Creating Your Story

What an amazing soul to interview. Susan truly brings it in this episode as she shares stories, concepts, wisdom, ideas from her experience on this big blue rock (Earth). She shares wisdom on how to be your own person, creating/sharing to what resonates with you and much more! Tune in for more... Who is Susan Merson? Susan works with writers, actors as well as all those interested in finding the essential authenticity of their personal stories. Tarot is the ultimate narrative tool and the archetypes resonating in the images, combined with our own questions and open pathways to answers make for an exciting exploration. SUSAN started reading TAROT in the early 1970’s after taking a course a

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