EP#28 - Mastering the Language of the Universe = Mastering Your Life

Everything in the entire Universe and multi-verses utilizing communication. They have their own systems, procedures and language that allows for us to communicate with one another. Just as humans communicate via words and language, our spiritual form uses energy or tone. In the entire universe, this is how it communicates. As a human, we can tap into this communication system and once we master this language, we are able to master our lives. We start to understand what tonal is and how tonal works in this world, this universe and more. Plants, animals, insects, aware humans and more utilize tonal to communicate. We have used tonal communication before without even knowing it. We call

EP#27 - Achieving Anything You Desire Comes Down to One Thing

In this episode, we discuss Chapter 7 of my new book, "Rediscover Your Greatness." In this chapter, we dive into what is the ONE thing that blocks or allows for you to achieve anything you desire. What is that one thing that resists your goals and dreams or allows for them to flow to you with ease. It will be the one thing that is the vast difference from someone who is living their life from a state of creation while the other is living life from a state of hope/faith/chance. We will dive into stories and concpeets that I have shared in my book to share these concepts into daily life. Tune in and enjoy how to ALLOW more of the blessings that are coming your way rather than resisting as

EP#26 - How the Darkness Molds You Into the Light

In life, we live in a world of duality. There are positives and negatives. Hot and cold. Light and Darkness. Etc. Etc. But, why is it that most of us fear the darkness? Why is it that we rather enjoy a life that is all blissed out and peaceful and do whatever it takes to avoid going into the darkness? Does this come from proramming at a young age that the darkness is scary? Where does this come from all together? In this episode, we will be discussing chapter 6 of my book, "Rediscover Your Greatness," and in this chapter, we dive into the law of duality and how the darkness is your portal, your gateway into the light. We talk about how the Universe is always working FOR YOU, not agai

EP#25 - Free Will: The Power to Transform Your Life Within A Split of a Second

Free Will is our Birthright. Free Will was granted upon us the moment God/Prime Creator/All That Is created us. It is our power to choose what we want to experience, how we want to grow, expand and evolve and what lifetimes we want to experience as. In this episode, I will be sharing with you concepts and stories from Chapter 5 of my book, "Rediscover Your Greatness," as we dive into different aspects of how powerful you truly are and the gift we have been given. More importantly, I will be sharing why Free Will is so powerful that if you don't like where you are in your life, all you have to do is change your focus, your direction and BOOM, instantanteously, you are on a new path towards

EP#24 - We Are All Interdependent

In today's episode, we are covering Chapter 4 of my new book, "Rediscover Your Greatness." In this chapter, we dive deep into how we are all interconnected and how valuable and irreplaceable and powerful you are in this game called, "Life." I will be discussing the Law of Attraction and how it is the main Law of the Universe. I will be discussing how important it is for you to raise your. vibration so you attract anything that your heart desires (goal, dreams, visions). I will be sharing stories and concepts about the Chapter and why I chose specific storeis to bring the concept home for you. Tune in for an inspiring, enlightening episode! Episode Notes Kindle sale ending on the 13th of

EP#23 - Words are the Fabric to Your Reality

This episode is based upon my new book, "Rediscover Your Greatness: A Guide to an INSPIRED and FULFILLED Life." (Flash Sale until June 13th on Kindle Edition) In this episode, we discuss chapter 3 and how Words are the Fabric to Your Reality. If you happen to listend to my chapter 2 review, this episode will dive deeper into the concepts we shared in the previous. Humans have around 7,000 differnet languages that we use to communicate and describe this world, our world and our experiences with one another. The words we choose truly do create a vibration that we then, attract those experiences within our lives based upon the words we have chosen. I will be talkinga about the great work by

EP#22 - What You Focus On, Creates Your Life

This episode is a summary of chapter 2 of my book, "Rediscover Your Greatness: A Guide to Creating an INSPIRED and FULFILLED Life." I discuss with you about the power of your focus and how your focus is where your source energy channels from. As I have said before, "Your Mind tells your eyes what to see." When you focus on something, you dictate the process for your senses to be on an alert for this. Focus is what shapes your reality. When you want to change your life, you MUST change your focus or else, it will be the same old experience as usual. When it comes to transformation, many people focus on the doing part, but leave out the being part. To me, when you focus on the doing first

EP#21 - Who Are You Really?

In my new book, "Rediscover Your Greatness," I talk about in the first chapter, breaking down, who you really are? Who is behind the mask... Who is the person deep within you... From there, when we strip down all the labels and titles that we think we are (EGO), we start to take a journey into learning the TRUTH of who we truly are. Expect to go on a journey to understanding the depths of who you truly are. It has been a question of the ages and many human beings knew who they truly were but overtime, we have gone on a dark journey losing ourselves and the truth of SELF in this process. This podcast will be an inspirational one that will truly have you see, with your own eyes, the uncondi

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