EP#20 - How to Turn Your Money from Zero to Hero

Money is something that gives us more opportunities, experiences and much more in life. It is what allows for the infinite amount of transcations that occur. When I first started learning about how to attract more wealth into my life, I realized first, I had to break down my perspective of money and truly determine if that viewpoint was serving me at my highest good. It was a concept of what I learned later down the road that, I didn't have to work more or find a side job. What I learned was, if you truly look at your relationship with money and look at your belief system about it, change that and it will change your experience with money and how much you make. Tune in to the podcast as I

EP#19 - Why It Is Crucial to Select Wisely About A Support System

In life, it is crucial to have a support system. We are not designed to always be in the best mood, best circumstances, situations and so forth. THere will be the mountain highs and then, we all face the valley lows. It is through the valleys, are true support systems come in and help us on the journey back up to the top of the mountain. But the great question to ask is, "How do you create a support system that will bring out the best in you?" In this podcast, we will go over what is the initial support system of our lives and how do we determine who truly is a solid support system to have and who is not. I will be talking about family and friends who, for the most part, are not the bes

EP#18 - The Ultimate Secret of Sins

When I was growing up, I was always told, I am a sinner and always will be a sinner. The moment I was born, I was born into this world with original sin and a sinner is what I would alway be. Talk about being dealt a deck of cards you cannot change. As I became older and wiser, I started to challenge these concepts and see if humanity or the religion I was brough up in, missed the mark on something. What if it is not what we were always told and it was sometheing different. What would that mean to my life? Do I have more control? What if the whole definition of the word, "Sin or Sinner," was changed, would my experience change? Would the experience of others change? As I continued to a

EP#17 - Excuses Smackdown

In life, someway shape or form, you have made excuses. We all have. It is something that is inevitable. An excuse can and may always exist, but what do they do to your life? Your dreams? Your goals? Your joy? Your happiness? Your bliss? Excuses are truly a distraction, a momentum killer, of you creating and enjoying an aw-inspired life. It is the momentum killer of achieing your dreams and goals. It is a momentum killer of your happiness, joy and bliss. When you are not moving in one direction and reinforcing that, you are slowly reinforcing another. Life is always constantly changing and an excuse, is what truly blocks all the things you desire to be in your reality. We will disc

EP#16 - The Single Most Important Thing to Know About Resistance

In life, you are either on the path towards LEAST resistance or MOST resistance. BUt how do you know which one you are on? What does resistance mean? What does it feel like? What tools or systems can one utilize to be more on the path towards Least resistance vs Most resistance? The truth is, the path towards least resistance is the path that allows for you to achieve your TRUE bliss, joy, happiness, achieving your dreams and so much more. It is that path that truly is IN FLOW and appreciating all of what life has to offer. The path towards MOST resistance is the opposite. This is where all your frustration, anger, jealously, shame, guilt, resentment and so forth exists. This is the l

EP#15 - Why Focus on the Small Things in Life

In life, the small things is what creates the big things to happen. As you look at legos, it is these small pieces, when put together, over time, create a masterpiece like the London Bridge or in Tel Aviv, Isarel, a lego tower stands 118 feet tall. Crazy?! But how can you take these concepts and put them into your life? Every thing in the physical world has to have time and space to become a reality. Everything takes time. It is the small things we do on a consistent basis that creates the big things. In order for a skyscraper to be built, it takes a lot of little steps over a period of time and space, in order to be achieved. A new born takes 40 weeks to be born into this world but to

EP#14 - How Your Mind is Programmed

Our minds are conditioned and programmed to response in a specific way. This 2 million year old program called, "The Brain," is designed to determine patterns and threats and help you survive in this life. Unfortunately, in an information world we live in, programming your mind happens more than we think. When we talk about programming, it is having you think a thought but not really be what you feel or think it is but instead, the influencers to have you think a certain way. For example, I say Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, Gandhi, Jesus, etc., and you have a thought and feeling about each individual in your own way. Now, most of it is conditioned based upon humanities standards. What about

EP#13 - Creating/Breaking Habits to Empower Your Life

Every single day, we are either creating or breaking habits. We are either creating new habits to empower our lives, or we are creating habits that disempower our lives. Regardless of which one you are doing, in every facet of our lives, we are creating and breaking habits. As it has been said many times, "Change your habits, change your life." This is so true! In this podcast episode, I will be sharing with you the science of understanding how long it takes to break a habit, the science behind it and then, how can we turn a habit into a lifestyle. We will talk about this in every facet of your life so you can start creating more of, manifesting more of, and attracting more of the life y

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