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About dr. vic

Dr. Vic is a International Business Success Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, 3x Author, Podcaster, and Speaker.


Before being a Business Success Coach, Dr. Vic has been a practicing Chiropractor for 11 years where he won the best Chiropractor in his town 4 years in a row and was chosen by his local Chamber of Commerce as the Business Leader of the Year when he was 32 years old which was one of the youngest in age and in business (5 years) to be selected.  He was chosen as Best Under 40 which was 12 candidates over 33 communities from Shaw Media in 2016 and in 2020, the local chamber of commerce awarded Dr. Vic with Best 30 Under 40 award.


Dr. Vic hit his financial peak in the first 5 years of his business before he knew he needed to make a radical change to what he was doing because he was burned out every 4-6 months, exhausted, unfulfilled, and not satisfied with the results he had.


He thought when he would achieve this level of success, he would have been intensely excited but instead, it was the opposite.

After some deep soul-seeking, he decided to change his entire practice around, and align it more to the principles, the type of Chiropractic he wanted to share, and the principles he lived by.  Through this process, he took a 40% hit on his business while making these choices over a 6-month process but he didn’t just change that.  After listening to many different gurus in Chiropractic, the business world, self-help, and personal development, he realized he was just becoming a prototype to them and not what mattered most to him.

Dr. Vic was doing all that they shared such as reading 80-120 books a year, only listening to podcasts, videos, workshops, etc.  It was a constant downloading of information because it has been said over and over again, information/knowledge is power.

But this was not working out for him and he decided to change his ways and follow more of an approach that related to spiritual truths, ancient wisdom, universal laws, quantum physics, and neuroscience while also focusing on mindset, limiting beliefs, subconscious mind, reframing one’s mindset and much more.

From that process evolved his coaching philosophy.  He realized that you don’t have to grind and hustle.  That when you start to understand how the quantum world works, you can achieve success effortlessly.  But he just doesn’t say it or shares the principles of it.  He did it.

After the 40% financial hit that they took in the business, he followed these principles of doing less.  In just over a year, Dr. Vic’s business was back at its financial peak but this time, he was working 50% less.  He had more time with his family, the things he loves to do, and much more.

Through this process, he ended up writing his first book, starting a podcast, and 6 months later, starting a side hustle of his Business Success Coaching.

Dr. Vic is not a person who just shares things from what he has read or a workshop he has taken.  All the advice that he shares with his clients is the things that he has experienced.  As one of his spiritual teachers told him, “Knowledge is great but it is not wisdom.  Wisdom is the combination of knowledge and experiences.”

The wisdom Dr. Vic shares with his clients is taking all that he has learned with his experiences to share wisdom to create holistic transformation in his clients' lives.

Since then, Dr. Vic has written 3 books, his latest one is called, “Decoding the Matrix,” which came out in the Spring of 2022.  His other two books are Rediscovering Your Greatness (2018) and Walk in the Dark (2019).

He has a podcast called, “The Mindful Experiment,” which is ranked in the top 1% of podcasts globally.


Outside of his professional life, he loves doing all things relating to health, spending time with his family, and his dog Hank and enjoying this beautiful planet (nature).

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When I chose to work smarter, not harder, and end the sacrifice of time, money, health, and family, I started to see MASSIVE growth in ALL areas of my life, not just in business or finance.

With my background as a Chiropractor, I take a holistic approach when I work with my clients.

I help you expand in all areas of your life to where you truly experience what leading a FULFILLED and SOUL-FILLED life is.

We step back into the driver's seat to choose what we want to experience in all aspects of our life and work together to create that in our physical reality.

Outside of studying and learning all that I can about life, consciousness, and the cosmos, I love to enjoy taking care of my mind, and my health and spending time with my family and my lil pooch, Hank.  

I truly believe it is the relationships we have in life that truly deepen our experiences of this thing we call, "Life."

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr - Mindset Trainer, Online Classes, Group Coaching, Life Purpose at Empower Your Reality
Dr. Vic Manzo Jr - Mindset Trainer, Online Classes, Group Coaching, Life Purpose at Empower Your Reality
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Dr. vic's Credentials

Business Success Coach for 4 years

NLP Certified (Dec 2022)

Reiki Master/Trainer

Certified Pediatric Chiropractor

Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner

Dr. Vic's Studies


Quantum Physics



Universal Laws

Limiting Beliefs

Subconscious Mind

Reframing One's Mindset

Business Principles and Growth

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