About dr. vic

I used to be the master of burnout.  I was following the advice of as many business gurus, and successful chiropractors, what was shared in the personal development, and self-help space, and thought, the more I work, the more effort I put in, the grind, hustle, and sacrifice, I should have the success I desired.

After 5 years and hitting my financial peak, I was unsatisfied, burned out every 4-6 months, unfulfilled, and even thought of leaving my profession because of the constant uphill battle I felt I was always against.

But, once I realized how you can truly have EFFORTLESS success and how the power of the mind with alignment actually has you achieve more, and make more with less work, I have NEVER experienced burnout again nor did I have to do any of the grind, hustle, and sacrifice.

I ended up working 50% less and making what I made at my financial peak.  

I did all of this by understanding the power of one's mind, limiting beliefs, the programming of the subconscious mind, universal laws, stepping into the quantum world, and utilizing neuroscience.

Are you ready to experience EFFORTLESS success while working less, making more, and leading a more FULFILLED life? 

If yes, click on the button below to hop on a call with me to see if we are a good fit and you qualify for my coaching program.

When I chose to work smarter, not harder, and end the sacrifice of time, money, health, and family, I started to see MASSIVE growth in ALL areas of my life, not just in business or finance.

With my background as a Chiropractor, I take a holistic approach when I work with my clients.

I help you expand in all areas of your life to where you truly experience what leading a FULFILLED and SOUL-FILLED life is.

We step back into the driver's seat to choose what we want to experience in all aspects of our life and work together to create that in our physical reality.

Outside of studying and learning all that I can about life, consciousness, and the cosmos, I love to enjoy taking care of my mind, and my health and spending time with my family and my lil pooch, Hank.  

I truly believe it is the relationships we have in life that truly deepen our experiences of this thing we call, "Life."

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr - Mindset Trainer, Online Classes, Group Coaching, Life Purpose at Empower Your Reality
Dr. Vic Manzo Jr - Mindset Trainer, Online Classes, Group Coaching, Life Purpose at Empower Your Reality
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Dr. vic's Credentials

Business and Mindset Coach for 4 years

NLP Certified (Dec 2022)

Reiki Master/Trainer

Certified Pediatric Chiropractor

Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner

Dr. Vic's Studies


Quantum Physics



Universal Laws

Limiting Beliefs

Subconscious Mind

Reframing One's Mindset

Business Principles and Growth